Hello All!

Just wanted to get others’ opinion on using Product Information Management (PIM) solutions, especially in combination with e-Commerce solutions like OXID.

Has anyone tried to connect OXID with a PIM?

Pimcore from www.pimcore.org is one solution I ran into recently. Has anyone tried it?

I’m also wondering what the difference between a PIM and WWS/ERP is.

Thanks for your opinions!


Hi Ashant,

yes, there are solutions on the market, also for OXID. PIMs are in use mostly in huge mail-order companies. You can gather more detailed information from our sales department.

This wiki article about PIM may help you to find the difference between PIM and ERP:


At the moment we are working to use pimcore as a central data storage for different purposes, in the first step mainly as a DAM. It will be connected to Typo3 and OXID, as well to our local ERP. It is planned as well to handle our several print media or rather collect all needed content from pimcore easily in future, depending on the target group. For example, one product could have different descriptions, a short one, a technical one, a marketing version full of buzzwords :wink: …and so on.

Of course there are a lot more features, which we will integrate step by step, just as needed (and how useful they will be…).

Presently waiting for the pimcore connector (interface) to OXID. Actually I’m in a close touch with the boyz.



Yeah, great - unfortunately a liitlle late for me :slight_smile:

Hi Marco and Ray, are there any news about the pimcore connector or the usage as a DAM?

We’re evaluating the use-case [B]Pimcore <-> OXID <-> SAP B1[/B] - maybe some of you can give some official reports??? Cheers, Stefan