Prelaunch on test domain

Hi I’m new to OXID. It looks very promising.
I just have a question:
I installed OXID on a test domain with the demo content. Like this http://testdomain/oxid
My client really liked it and decided to use it for his new shop. Right now my clients old shop is runing on a diferent server with a different cart system. I need to start making the new shop on my server with a temporary domain. Eventually the domain with be transfered to my server. But his old shop needs to keep running untill I’m ready.
Am I going to run into any problems later when I transfer the domain to my server and hook it the new OXID shop? The URL should then look like this http://finaldomain


I don’t think that it will be go into problems from your testdomain to you finaldomain. You should only change in the configuration file what can you find in the root the domain information an you should show how the Email Address must be correct. I think thats all, I have one Shop System as Standart System createt and now I copy this Version to other Shops of my shops.

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