Problem with EE 4.1.0 update Installation


I’m currently updating a test-instance of EE 4.0.1 to v4.1.0 with UTF-8 mode enabled.

I carefully followed

and had no problems until step 11:

All I get now when I open any url is

Fatal error: Unable to read 5804 bytes
in /var/www/entw/core/oxfunctions.php on line 0

I inspected oxfunctions.php and noticed, that the first lines are

<?php @Zend;4574;?>

I dont know, how Zend works, but in 4.0.1 the lines were

<?php @Zend;4576;?>

I’m stuck right now. Any hints, what went wrong?

Thanks in advance,


I found the problem myself.

I used Winscp to upload the files in automatic-upload-mode.

That’s not good. Winscp seems to upload the encoded php-files as text.

I uploaded everything as binary now, and it works fine.