Problem with import db - blob in OXCONFIG


I have problem with import database which was exported with adminer.
Problem is with OXCONFIG table. There are some blobs values and in some rows there is missing quote at the end of value of “OXVARVALUE”.

For example i have:
(‘02ace5cf0c187fd922c7918d2af3d861’, 1, ‘module:dev-logs’, ‘s_vtDev_serverLogPath’, ‘str’, '?'H<0x07>M?<0x01f>???, ‘2018-04-05 07:20:00’),

after ??? there is no quote :frowning:

  1. Is any option to fix it?
  2. Is any option to restore/rebuild with some OXID script whole content od CONFIG db table?



@walldemar, see if this is helpful for you:


Thanks Marco. This will help in future :slight_smile:


ehhhh… i tested it few days ago. it won’t work with OXID 6 EE :frowning: