Problem with installation Oxid 6 RC1, unable to install local


I’m trying to get the latest version up and running for testing in local envoronment i get the following error
Copying shop files to source directory…
Class Incenteev\ParameterHandler\ScriptHandler is not autoloadable, can not call post-update-cmd script
> if [ -f ./vendor/bin/oe-eshop-ide_helper ]; then oe-eshop-ide_helper; fi
Script if [ -f ./vendor/bin/oe-eshop-ide_helper ]; then oe-eshop-ide_helper; fi handling the oe:ide-helper:generate event returned with error code 1

this ist the last part of the output when running:
composer create-project --no-dev oxid-esales/oxideshop-project my_oxid_eshop_project dev-b-6.0-ce

If i then proceed to the webaddress of the local server and try to install it anyway i get the following message on step 5:
Error while executing command ‘C:\www\oxid_6_test\vendor\bin\oe-eshop-facts oe-eshop-db_migrate’. Return code: ‘1’.
The command returns the following message:

Der Befehl “bash” ist entweder falsch geschrieben oder
konnte nicht gefunden werden.

Any help is appreciated.

Is this Windows? I think the install process does not work on windows at all.

Thank you for your response. It is windows yes. In that case I will try it on ubuntu :slight_smile:

Hope that solves it. It would be a good idea to include that somewhere in the install notes.

Yes for sure.


well it is actually on

Apache Versionen 2.2 and 2.4 (on Linux)

Best way is to use the VM anyway…


Well hidden in brackets in “Webserver” section… :wink:

Hey Marco,

The link you posted gives me a “page not found”.
I did install it on a system, running ubuntu, so I would consider that (my) issue solved.

Now it is time to learn how to develop modules and extend the functionalities.
Are there any good tutorials/books/examples,… for the v6 that you would recommend?


Hi @ll,
please stop joking about this:

Is this Windows? I think the install process does not work on windows at all.

All infos about OXID requirements I can find are related to the server setup running the shop finally but NOT to the compiling process through composer, or do I get something wrong? And why should it be like this? All neccessary tools are available for windows too, so I expect OXID to keep fully compatible for windows as decades before. :wink:
Of course I also prefer a webserver on linux runing the shop after this composer stuff and I am not really a fan of windows (but my customers are). But there must be a simple solution to avoid getting the autoload-error mentioned above, isn’t it?

PS: the error can also occur with linux in this (german) thread: