Problem with product prices!

Hi, I have CE 4.10.4, and product prices keep changing depending on whether a user is logged in or logged out. Logged out, the price of that product is 189, after a login that price drops to 175. The price should be the SAME either way.

Note: this goes for all products.

check your discounts

There are 3 default Discounts in Shop Settings->Discounts…but neither of them is Active, and none of them have anything assigned to them.

Edit: Also, in the Shopping Cart…VAT column says 0%

Edit #2: I enabled “Calculate specific VAT for countries only in Shopping Cart and Checkout” and that fixed the price change
in Login or Logout, but in Shopping cart is still lower. and as i mentioned above VAT is 0.


I reckon this is dependent on your settings for countries etc.

Let’s say, your shop is in Albania, you most likely want to have 23% as default VAT, right? Go to Admin -> Core settings -> Settings -> Global, change the value for “Domestic Customers” to the value “Albania”.

Second, adjust Settings -> VAT -> Default VAT for all Products to “23”.

Third, go to countries now. Albania should be activated and you shouldn’t be able to change any VAT settings here. With other words, all your Albanian customers should see the price including 23% now, except you added another value at the product item or category management (e.g. to 13%).

Oh - and BTW: deactivate the option you mentioned before :wink:


The shop is mainly meant for Liechtenstein and Switzerland since only those 2 countries need to be Active, and as for the VAT value, we had an older oxid version before, but we changed the hosting service and the newer oxid version, so the VAT value was set to 8, and every setting was basically set as it was in the old one. Does that mean that the price will only change depending on the location of the user ?

Well, that doesn’t make it easier, to be honest. Where is the shop officially based? And yes, the VAT might be different for the location of the purchaser.


It’s based in Switzerland

IMO all of your Swiss customers shall see the prices incl. tax, all other destinations shall have no tax included. Of course, you determine the location of the customer once they are logged in.

Thank you very much. Admin -> Core settings -> Settings -> Global, solved everything by simply selecting the two locations there (which i didnt realize before). Now pricing is as should be.

You’re welcome, thanks for the feedback. Have a nice weekend!