PW reset on admin login

Hello. I request a password reset feature on the admin. login page. Thank you.


[QUOTE=Hebsacker;126762]go to database administration interface (phpmyadmin?) and execute this:

update oxuser set oxpassword = MD5( CONCAT( 'mynewpassword', UNHEX( oxpasssalt ) ) ) where oxid='oxdefaultadmin'



in fact this is not a double post as one of it requests a new feature while the other one requests a solution for now

You can use the Password reset in frontend also for admins.

right, normally - but in this case due to some misconfiguration or some other faults the frontend showed a whitepage only, so you could not access the link from frontend

the feature request is about adding the “password forgotten” link as well to the admin login form

What about “register now” button for admin Interface? :smiley:

… I´d really like to have some of your funny little pills :smiley:

I like the idea, but there should also be an option “Use without Registration”, not everyone wants to create an account.

…we need to think as well about PayPal Express to offer quick and easy payment for the one-time access

But (back to topic) - a reminder/resetter could be useful sometimes. There need to be made some restrictions of course for security reasons.