Question - Oxid and ADOdb Lite

As far i can see, oxid seems to be using ADOdb Lite, which does not seem to have been actively developed since 2007.

Is this true ?
Are there any plans to change this?


Is this true ?[/QUOTE] Yes.

[QUOTE=soup;139560]Are there any plans to change this?[/QUOTE]


and 7 years has not been enough time ?

What exactly is your point? ADOdb Lite it is still running smoothly. We know that there’s something to do and we were not picking bogeys in the mean time. If you want to join the development, your help is very much appreciated:


mine is not running smoothly at all, and regularly throwinf errors

  • mysql 5.5 - released December 15, 2009

And this is why

SHOW INNODB STATUS is removed in MySQL 5.5.

Anyway to solve this for the moment change the line 298 in core\adodblite\adodbSQL_drivers\mysql\
from this

$rs = $this->Execute('show innodb status');

to this

$rs = $this->Execute('SHOW ENGINE INNODB STATUS');

And i can understand that its not exactly high prio, but surely changing it use php’s PDO would be worthwhile.

  1. faster
  2. more secure
  3. loose an extra core dependency
  4. Theoretically support for more db types

More info here

Any news / idea when a change will happen ?