I wait your reviews

The Design is well done…

http://www.radar-shop.com/AGB/ vs http://www.radar-shop.com/Impressum/
Who is really in charge for this website?
If i were a potential customer i would order over this website. But maybe you have to do this kind of stuff because of legal issues…

[[email protected];40052]http://radar-shop.de
I wait your reviews[/QUOTE]
Darf man einfach so illegale Produkte verkaufen?

Würde mich jetzt doch sehr wundern,

Verkaufen darf er.
Du als Käufer darfst sie nur nicht verwenden. :wink:

The design looks really nice and I am glad you have fully maximized the potential with the design and cart.

I have some issues though with the products as they tend to be a break from the norm. I would have doubts when buying as they are a step that will probably go against the law.

No it is not good… it is excellent :slight_smile: really I have been looking at new sites on different forums trying to get some ideas and I like yours, I specially like the product finder, did you do it yourself?