Redirecting to index page

Hi, I didn’t have internet for about 10-11 days and when i come back and continue to develope my internet shop i meet strange problem…

I select category from the list. Thats Ok, but when i select product from category site is redirecting me back to index.php page with link

As you understood you can test it on

Maybe someone had the same problem?!Thanks and sorry for my bad english.


doesn’t look like you have changed something in the templates. You could try to reset the SEO-URLs.


Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG

If i understood you correct then you meen Master Settings --> Core Settings --> SEO --> Reset SEO IDs

I did that, and warning message showed up, i just pressed OK.

After i opened my shop again, go to the Category where my test items are and it was the same, i`m getting redirected to the index page.

Maybe you got some other solutions for this? :frowning:

I have same problem, after try upgrade oxid from CE4.0.0.2 to CE4.1.x

I just copy “out” folder from old version to new version.

Before one minute I found solution :slight_smile: It was missing custom method in views/details.php file.