Rotative home page banner not displaying in french


I am trying to translate oxid 4.9 in french but i have problem with the rotative banner and the category banner. no banner is displaying. you can see what happen when oxid is in english and when oxid is in french in the attach files.

Please tell me what wrong and how i can solve this problem.


have you added any banner for french language?

No, I have just copy french file …

in the right top corner (below the “OXID ESHOP COMMUNITY EDITION” text) there is a language dropdown, which switches the content language.

you need to switch to french first and then add banners for french language.

you need to switch to french first and [B]then add banners for french language[/B].

I don’t know how to add banner for french language or how to change rotative banner.

Please tell me how …

there is a button / link “add new Action / Banner / Promotion”, click on this link.
When you finished, you also need to save the banner / action / promotion.

Please, i don’t see this button or link.
Can you put a screenshot here please ? I am using oxid 4.9.8.

Go to [B]Costumer Info[/B] -> [B]Promotions[/B] and have a look at the footer of the [B]Main[/B] tab. Here you can find [B]New Action/Promotion/Banner | Start Help[/B]. Just create and save the banner in French language.

Thank you very much !!! i got it !!!