Run Oxid behind hardware firewall / Admin very slow

Hi there,

We have just installed OXID on a webserver behind a hardware firewall. Now the admin login is very slow, and inside I do not see any efire Services (but since I did not see them anytime before, you may tell me how they should look, if they would be there… :slight_smile: )

Which connections will oxid open? I would need FQDN or IPs and the used ports to configure the firewall.

According to the configuration test during the installation there is a orange problem mentioned at “allow_url_fopen / fsockopen” - but allow_url_fopen is activated in the php.ini, and correctly shown in the system info:

Directive Local Value Master Value
allow_url_fopen On On

Thanks for every hint!


Here is the result of my experiences:

Port 80

After opening this concection the admin-menu has thousands of new entrys… the main entrys are called “eCommerce Services” and “OXID eFire”.

The allow_url_fopen / fsockopen failure still appears.


during the setup, the shop asks if you want to allow to gather information from OXID servers. Apparently you set it to “yes”. You can switch it off manually by deactivating “Load additional Information from OXID server” in admin -> settings -> administration.



Via firewall-logging I found also the following IPs to be contacted when I do the login in the admin area: port 80

If it is not activated, the login takes about 10 seconds. What is this good for??



Hi boxid,

I have no idea, must be something local in your system. As you apparently have shell access, could you try to ping it from your server?