Selection of the variants of any products not working

Hi all

We’ve updated our shop from version 4 to 6…the selection of variants of any products is working perfectly fine in version 4…but after updating the variant and the in the cart both are not working…if anyone doesn’t understand my problem then I’ll happily provide you the screenshot of my problem…can you please help me?? please


any error in the console log?

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Hi thanks for the reply

No there is no error in console…

This is the error…when i change any variant…it’s not changing and the Cart option is also disabled…


what happens when you switch to original flow theme, does it work?

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Hi thanks for the reply…

I’m still on original flow theme…I haven’t change anything except just updating from oxid version 4 to 6…


sorry, i have no idea.

if you can see the variants in the backend, the frontend is the original theme and no modules are active in the shop that could influence that, then i really have no idea.

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Hi Thanks for the replying…

I’m adding the screenshots just to show that my backend has original FLOW theme active…

and the product have the variants active too…as shown below

but on frontend it’s not working…neither the in cart button is working…don’t know the reason behind it…

according to my knowledge…I think there is any JAVASCRIPT or AJAX problem…but maybe I’m wrong about that too…


If its a javascripot Problem, there should be an error in console.

When you hover over the variant options, what cursor do you see? pointer or not-allowed?


Hi thanks for replying

There is no console error there…

and whenever I hover over the variants…it shows the pointer cursor…

not allowed is on in cart


ok, this means that all combinations are available. Its already a good sign and since the variant dropdown is opening, javascript works so far.
The cart button would be enabled when a particular variant is selected, so we have to find out, why the variant selection does not work as intended.

I think, at this point we need to inspect the product page by ourselves.

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Thanks for the reply

Here is the link for you if you want to see my problem

Thanks for the quick replies…

there are lots of javascript files missing.
Your page is only loading 3 js files, but there are supposed to be couple more:

Try reinstalling flow or check the wave theme.

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Thanks for the reply…Can you tell me how can I only install FLOW theme again??

Thanks for the big help

2nd how do you figure it out that only 3 js files are working?? Please tell me…


remove flow theme from /applications/views and /out/ and than run composer update

from source code, browser developer tools or strg + u

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