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hi ppl,

i just saw today that various of my websites got sitelinks created from google. after a closer look into that i saw some interesting things:

  • google is not generating the sitelinks (as you would expect) from the main menu. it uses submenu or “top of the shop” entries or “just arrived” entries.

the Question is now: how to change that to a better way.

another thing i saw was: if i enable that you see the stock in each category then you see the “(14)” in the sitelinks as well. example:

there you see a “trennwaende(14)”

a not so optimal way as well. so you have to disable that if you have sitelinks like that.



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Hey Matthias,

congratulations, mate! :slight_smile:

I tried to have a look at your source code investigating which part of the shop is taken as a sitemap but was not successful. Did you change something again?

Parts of the sitemap have been found in the navigation under a <ul><li> tag, others in the sidebar using <h2> and some in a simple <div>. That’s why I couldn’t see a scheme…


Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG

i didnt change something in the sourcecode beside adding a few new links (downloads, about us, etc). strange to me is how google discovers the sitelinks. is it “most internal linked” ? or most clicked after search. i dunno.

question is how to change this into a better way. like main menu or main products.

onlineshop für gebrauchte büromöbel

Well, in order to sort this out, I am afraid one has to know the “scheme” behind. That’s why I tried to check your source code.

But I am definately interested how it works (keywords, density, how often clicked or whatever). If you are lucky finding it out checking with your tools please let us know.

BTW, do you know ClickHeat?

Marco Steinhäuser
Community Guide
OXID eSales AG

well what i can tell is the clickthrough rate.

  • trennwaende has in 3 month 412 clicks. (0.2%)

  • HAG h03 Bürodrehstuhl -> 206 clicks(0.1%)

and so on. most other things around have a lot more clicks (2000 -6000)

so it cant be clickrate (in my opinion)

onlineshop für gebrauchte büromöbel

I suggest you get some good links with blogs and more mentions in social networks.

Good links and not SPAM as you do!!! Kill the link.

If you are not satisfied with the sitelinks you’re getting automatically, try to use micro data to make them of your choice.