SEO issues after moving shop from local to testserver

After I have moved an Oxid installation from my local environment to an internal test server, I’m encountering strange issues with the SEO URLs. Oxid version is 4.8.8

On my local machine, Oxid was installed in localhost/somelocaldir

On the test server, Oxid is installed in the root of the domain ( Path to index.php: )

The was adjusted to the new domain path and the absolute paths were also adjusted for the test server.

When I click on a brand on the front page of oxid, some work and some don’t, which seems strange.

For instance:
works and shows the list of articles of that brand

does NOT work and I get a 404 page saying somelocaldir/oxseo.php/ could not be found.
It seems it tries to look in ‘somelocaldir’, which is wrong for the test server and I cannot find out if there is a setting I overlooked.

If I check the categories in the backend, both the brand that works and the one that doesn’t have the exact same SEO format of /brand/$name (where $name is AAA or BBB respectively)

What I have tried already (multiple times)
[li]changed the .htaccess file in the root directory of oxid so the rewrite base is / instead of /somelocaldir[/li][li]deleted /tmp except the .htaccess in it[/li][li]re-generated the views in admin -> tools[/li][/ol]

Okay so after trying it again after writing this post, it just magically started working (didn’t change anything. It didn’t work right before writing this post). Is there some kind of cache seperate from /tmp that I can manually clear so it doesn’t happen when moving to the live server?

no other cache in PE and CE. Except of your browser’s maybe?


My browser cache is indeed the one thing I did not clear. I’ll see if that’s the case if the problem occurs again when we migrate the thing to the test server identical to the live server. I’ll post my findings once that happens (so that others may find it when searching).

Perfect mate. Good luck!

I just realized I didn’t actually post it yet: It was indeed a problem with cookies. Oxid can apparently get confused by lingering cookies from an old installation.

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