Shop generates images in wrong resolution


Hi guys,

I have a big problem in OXID shop with re-generated images.
So, the images are not re-generated correctly from the main image and they are with too big resolution and crashing the whole template (Check the attached screenshot).
I was thinking that the problem is in the main image, but I tried to add the same image on a fresh OXID installation and it’s re-generated properly.
I also know that oxDynImgGenerator is the class that is doing this stuff but don’t know what to do to resolve this big problem for me.
I checked also the config table for duplicates but there everything is okay.

Any idea, help or suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance!


What are your settings for image sizes and what is the actual size of this image?


Settings for the images are the following:

Article Icon Image: 93x93
Article Thumbnail: 224x268

And resolution of this image is: 151x999 but as I mentioned, I tested this image on a fresh OXID Installation and it was correctly re-generated.

Thank you.


If the physical resolution of this image file is smaller than it’s display size, then you have to check your css