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Hi all,

Can anyone let me know if the shop logo can be changed in the admin panel?


unfortunately its a part of the template, you cant change it in the admin panel, when you have installed firebug, just press F12… wait there is no F12 on Mac, right?

you need to go throug the firefox menus to find some activation for the firebug.

you will see something like this on the bottom part of the screen:

then klick on the symbol with the blue pointer over a blue rectangle and the point and click on the shop logo.
then the code of the shop logo will be shown on the left half of firebug, something like this:

<img src="" alt="OXID Surf- und Kiteshop">

this part: shows you where the picture is, you need to “cut away” the shop base Url, so you will get only “out/azure/img/logo.png” now you can go into the shop folder and follow the path to find the logo.png

now you can replace it with another one, the new logo should have the same filename to be included.

Hey vanilla_thunder,

I have also been trying to change the logo. I named the new logo logo.png and gave the original logo a new name.
When I load http://myurl/out/azure/img/logo.png I can see the new logo.
However, when I reload the shop in the browser, I can still see the old logo.
Any ideas why?

probably browser cache, try hard reloading (ctrl+shift+r or ctrl+f5)

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I love you man… <3