"Shop offline" after manual Transport

Hi,I’ve got “OXID_CE_4.0.1.0_15990” perfectly installed on my local Machine, using XAMPP.

I configured everything to have a good startup-shop.The next Step was, migrating the shop to a Webserver (1und1-Business)

Upload and database imports went fine, but if try go to my shop the browser returns “shop offline” and if I try to enter the admin area,I get “Offline.htm not found”

I changed the config and applied the new database-Credentials, new filepaths for shoproot and admin etc.I tried to reinstall the with setup, but mod_rewrite was said to be not aktive, but mit the test.php it is.

so I uploaded the version “OXID_CE_4.1.0_17976” in which the mod_rewrite-problem should be fixed, but unfortunately doesn’t seem to be.

The mod_rewrite-Setup-Box is still red, now I wonder, if this might really be the problem or did I miss something with my manual installation of the shop.

So, I’m out of ideas, what to do next and which additional information I might need to write down for you.

So, if you can help me, please do :wink:

Thanks in advance.



You might be out of luck with your provider. Have a search in the forum. I think someone mentioned something about the mod_rewrite and 1and1.