Show Manufacturer in product.tpl

Dear Oxid users,

I’m trying to change the appearance of the items as they show up when you click on one of the categories.

I would like the manufacturer to appear under the Article number. I’ve tried copying and pasting what I think are the right lines from “details.tpl” into the product.tpl, but it hasn’t worked.

Anyone know which line of code goes where to get it to display the manufacturer info?


Hello kilgore,

you probably have to write a getter. Do you know this pages?

Go to your version and search for “getManufacturer” :wink:


Hi Marco,

Thanks for the reply. The search you suggest doesn’t have any matches… however, I managed to copy/paste the getManufacturer code from details.tpl. It took a bit more tweaking to get everything placed properly, but I managed :slight_smile: