Simplified Chinese

Hello, it’s still quiet here :slight_smile:

:confused:I suppose the language “zn” is intended to be “Simplified Chinese”?
May I suggest to use the more common language code zh or zh-CN (簡體中文).

I intend to open the zh_TW version for Traditional Chinese (繁體中文).

Thanks for replying.

I will send Marco a note of this thread, he is in charge about languages. But he is on holiday, so the answer may take some days.

Hello Stefan,

yep, still quite here - the translation forums have been opened recently :wink:
I did like you proposed: changed zn (wherever that came from?) to zh_CN and activated your account for this translations. Thanks for that!

Actually, we shall follow this quasi standard for locales:

Do you already have translated language files for it? In this case I could simply import them into the system in your name.


i need a Simplified Chinese

Hey lizz,

Simplified Chinese still needs work. We appreciate if you could help with this translation. To do so please register at