Hi Team
Can you add State/Province drop down menu in address area? It needs badly here:o

Hi Ulzii,

yep. A well-known feature request issue that will be touched with a high priority shortly after the release of 4.2.0.

In this thread

a sql file was published that maybe could help you writing a module if you cannot wait.


Hi Marco
So ver 4.3 had it. But where I can add, edit province and state? I want to add provinces of my country.

I also complained in another (german) thread about this matter.

At the moment i do not know any way how to change the state province settings. Im my case, i just want to deactivate the province feature for germany. But I have no idea.

Im my eyes this feature is lousy implemented in the 4.3.0. I just hope we dont have to wait several years till a new feature request for this bug is accepted.