Stock issue

Hi all, just a little help please.
How do i setup oxid eshop for articles to be sellable even if stock is 0 ?
Thanks in advance

Administer Products - Products - Stock: Delivery Status: Standard

yes, but i need to setup all the articles, not just single one

make sql query to update all products in the database

do you know what field holds this value vanilla?

sorry, i can’t remember.
But you could find a product by its ID oder product number in the database and then change only this particular setting in oxid admin panel. This way you can track the changed values and find out the relevant field in database

The name of the field is "OXSTOCKFLAG"
There is also an explanaion, which numer is which stock statusin a german thread.



go to Admin -> Core settings -> Settings -> Stock -> Allow negative Stock Values could solve the issue.