Switch Position of Welcome Text and Promoslider

Hello together!

I want to change some things on the startpage of my shop.
To be more specifically:
I need to change the position of the Promoslider and the Welcome text.

I already found the each relevant areas in the “application/views/azure/tpl/layout/header.tpl” and the “application/views/azure/tpl/page/shop/start.tpl”, but after I copy and paste one of the relevant areas of a *.tpl into the other *.tpl to switch the position, I get a problem on the startpage of the Shop:

The sidebar on the right (I mean the sidebar “Parnter”, with PayPal and other logos), cuts the Promoslider on the right side. So I think there is some kind of transparent Placeholder from the top of the sidebar down to the bottom of the whole side which cuts off the right side of the Promoslider.

Can somebody tell me where I can shorten the placeholder of the sidebar, so it doesn’t cut off my Promoslider anymore? Or has somebody another idea how to switch the position of promoslider and welcome text without getting issues with the sidebar placeholder?

I attached some pictures to understand my problem more easily:

How it looks like right now, in original state:

How it looks after i switch the positions:

How it want it to be:

Thank you in advance and sorry for my bad english

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