Translation variable for admin area not found

I am new to oxid and I have a problem with my simple module. It works fine except the translation. I have created translations folders ‘de’ and ‘en’ in: my_module / Application / views / admin / [de/en]

Within each of them I have placed files my_translation_lang.php
and the content looks like this :
$sLangName = ‘Deutsch’;
$aLang = [
‘charset’ => ‘UTF-8’,

when I try in my .tpl file to use this variable with [{oxmultilang ident=“MY_MODULE_VARIABLE”}]
I get an error message ‘ERROR: Translation for MY_MODULE_VARIABLE not found!’
Does anybody knows the reason?

Please clear the tmp folder, not only the smarty folder inside. After that your translations should be shown.

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