Translations not working for tabsl modul

Hello everyone,

I have purchased and installed tabsl module.

Translations are not working in admin.

How can I fix this?


You should ask @tabsl , i’m sure he will assist you.

I think there is no english language file, so you have to create one. (Or copy german file into english folder)

@tabls - maybe we can quickly help translating it? Shouldn’t be too much, should it?


Problem is not with the English translation but with German one.

I am getting e.g ERROR: Translation for TABSL_SETS_ADMIN_SETTILE not found!

@Mutayyab_Usama, could you please deliver some more information?

Did you do grep -lir 'TABSL_SETS_ADMIN_SETTILE'? In wich files does it appear? It should be in admin tpl file as well as in translation files - at least in DE. Is it the only language key or do all the other language keys don’t work as well? Maybe just a tmp clear is missing?

please share a screenshot with your directory/lang-files

All the other languages are also not working.
I already did the tmp clear.

where can I find this file?

in the module admin language folder

This is the file

… not the file content

I hope this is what you are asking for.

and what about .../views/admin/en/ ?

There was no file for english in the module.
Problem is with the german translation

There was no file for english in the module.

you have to create one for the en translation, see my message above …

Problem is with the german translation

which admin language do you use? DE or EN?

I have created en folder and then en/tabsl_sets_lang.php

I still do not get the translations.

that´s correct and sould work. please mail me your tabsl-sets module package, i will check it …

After clearing tmp and …/smarty you should reload the whole shopadmin.

In EE 5.3.x <=> CE 4.10.x

maybe you work with the themeswitcher. This can also cause problems. You should switch it off for testing.