I’m trying to make transliteration work but have no success so far.

To avoid any mistakes I’ve started with plain ascii chars, this is my test /application/translations/de/translit_lang.php:

$aSeoReplaceChars = array(
‘i’ => ‘w’,
‘l’ => ‘q’,

$aLang = array(
‘charset’ => “UTF-8”,

I hit Core Settings / SEO / Update SEO URLs and I see URL are not updated accordingly.

What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

Hey @nome,

did you clean your tmp folder after processing your changes? Maybe this is a useful extension to use while doing such alterations:


Hi Marco, bingo!
Deleting the /tmp folder solves the issue!
Thanks a million!


Newbie in OXID, some experience in php and MySQL.

I installed the vt-devutils but I don’t understand how to activate it.

I copied the files in modules folder.
I “Activate” it from Modules in admin panel.
Also it says:

some helpful functions for OXID developing
Is these action for me? I juct want to create an e-shop.
If yes…

clearing tmp folder

resetting template, blocks, settings and file records for modules
How can I do this?

edit out/admin/header.tpl and append this code the the <ul> list:
This file does not exist!!!


P.S.1. I think this module/extension must include by default. We must clear the tmp folder every time after any change in language (I know/find if this needed after other actions yet).

P.S.2. Sorry for my but English.

hello George,
dont worry about your english, its fine.

What OXID Shop version do you use?
this “vt-devutils” module is for old shops and will not work in OXID 4.9 or 4.10

Thank you for the answer.

I use the latest version Community Edition 4.10.0
I work it in localhost with xampp until learn the “how to”, configure it and it will be ready for use.
Is there another method to clear the tmp folder? Except by deleting the files manually.

I use the phpbb for a forum and the cache clearing is a “click” away.
Is it possible to add this feature? (in the next update maybe)