Unfortunately the product "product_id" is no longer available!

Hi everyone,

On the OXID website, everything was working fine but now in the last step of the checkout, when I am trying to make the order, I am receiving this error for any product:
Unfortunately the product “d6936307b39632c3a99edc74fb0b5” is no longer available!
Product stock is not 0 also.

Any help?
Thank you.

Product hast really stock? Product is visible? Amount has changed?! What about oxstockstatus?

Yes, product has really stock. Only price is changed of all the products. Oxstock is 1000 for the specific product that I tested.

Also, the product is active and everything is okay until the last step because there is an option in the shop that if the product is out of stock, you can choose to be informed when the product will be in stock.

I really don’t have an idea why this can happen…

Do you have any modules? Like something, that assigns products to user groups

No, but the last thing that I made before this happen was implementing a trigger that reduces product price by 20% before insert or before an update in oxarticles table.

The error message that am receiving is in file oxbasketitem.php.
There is an error in line:
$this->_oArticle->load( $sProductId ) where the sProductId is id of the article that exist in oxarticles and have valid stock…

Hello everyone,
Yesterday I found the problem and want to share it with you. Maybe will help someone.
I added two new fields to table oxarticles where prices will be stored with different VAT percentage. But there is three views from oxarticles table:

  • oxv_oxarticles
  • oxv_oxarticles_en
  • oxv_oxarticles_de

And in the last step of the checkout, there is an error that recently added columns in table oxarticles, does not exist in the views. But, with using: CREATE or REPLACE VIEW oxv_oxarticles AS SELECT * FROM oxarticles, columns were added to the view and problem is solved.

Thanks for sharing, one correction: there is a button in backend to regenerate views, it’s better to use this than sql statements.