Unusual behaviour of the page

Hey guys,

I have a very weird problem that I don’t understand, but I will try my best to explain it…

When I was trying to make an order, after finishing the third step I couldn’t be transferred to the next step and complete the order. The next day, I managed to go through all the steps and successfully make an order, like the problem has fixed itself. And then, all of a sudden I was back at the first problem. I have not made any changes.

Does anyone have any idea why would such a thing happen and how to fix it?
Any tips would be appreciated.

Thank you!


what do you mean “I couldn’t be transferred to the next step”? Did you see any error? Have a look at the exception_log.

Hey Zar,

I meant that when I click on the “Next step” button, which would lead me to the “Payment Methods” step, it doesn’t display the “Payment Methods” section or any other button to continue. So it gets stuck… I don’t receive any errors about it.

The weird part is that sometimes it behaves like this, and sometimes it works perfectly fine, even though I have not made any changes.

Talk to your web hosting provider.

Hey Marco,

By “It gets stuck”, I mean that it leaves me on the current page where the steps are listed with no buttons to continue, instead of showing the Payment Methods… So I can go no further with the order.

Can’t you simply send us a link where we could try to reproduce the problem? I mean, it is kind of hard to understand what the actual case is, and without any useful information like an error message from the log or so its impossible to debug the issue remotely, get my point?

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Just a guess: Is a “minimum order volume” active in your shop?