URL redirect to the index page


I have a problem with products from one category.

If I click on a product that is coming from this category, it redirects me to index page.
I have updated the seo urls but still the same.

This happens also if I go from admin page -> Open Product Preview.

There is not an error in the log files.

What might be the problem?

Thank you.

is there “&redirected=1” in the URL after redirect?

Yes, there is.


in this case there definitely should be an entry in log/exception_log.txt file.
If not, please check if log directory and this file are writable

Log directory and EXCEPTION_LOG.txt are both writable, but there is not an error message in this file.

I only have two categories in the shop and only with one is this problem. The other one is working perfectly.

I’ve seen that in 4.10.5 some errors in module-files are not listed in exception_log.txt
@m20@euroblaze.de: has there just been installed a module or changed ?

There is some change in one module. How can I catch this error?

first deactivate this module to check if there is a problem

Yes, the problem is with the module.

It is working now.

Thank you.