Users online?


I’d like to know if we can have a module for users online, clients online, stuff like that.

I now that today I have posted a lot, just to make some questions, but I think this is a good way to improve the store.

Marco, when you read this you will see that I am trying harder to give you some help. I have a buddies on brazil and I have asked them to check this store. Lets see if we have a good feedback :wink:


Hello montairo

pls. look at the following LINK

This module ist free of charge

Best regards



Is it only in german?

Yes i think so. But its released under the GPL, so you can translate it a give the multilanguage back to the community, if you want.

yes it seems to be good but i do not understant german :S

take a look at my store

it is all in portuguese.

I am also translating the admin area, but it is going to take a while :wink:


I have installed the module and translated what I need to portuguese.

Is tis fine working as you can see it on