Variable in templates , e.g contact us etc

Hello Oxid Wehshop Forum Members,

its not easy at the beginning, after 7 years of OScommerce we are trying to chenge over to Oxid. The templates are a bit confusing.
At OSC we used variables for terms that change sometimes as for example our bank account, tax number, adress, telephone number …

They appear in various places in the shop such as : terms and conditions, contact us, sitemap …

So instead of having to serch and change each page separately we defined them in the

like this:

define(‘BANK_DEFINE6’, ‘our bank’);
define(‘TAX_NUMBER’, ‘our taxnumber’);
define(‘SUPPORT_TEL’, ‘our telefone number’);

When I enter the variable into the text, which I find in the database: table: oxcontents - oximpressum

Supporttelefon ‘.SUPPORT_TEL.’<br />
Tax Number: ‘.TAX_NUMBER.’<br/>

the variable is not shown on the page.

Neither is it shown when I try:

Supporttelefon <? echo SUPPORT_TEL ?><br />
Tax Number: <? echo TAX_NUMBER ?><br/>

How can I manage to get the variables working inside the template.

I would be grateful for any hint.

best regards

Morton :slight_smile:

check here, no need to define in


thats exactly what I was looking for!

best regards

Morton :slight_smile:

any chance of someone updating the link

as i can’t find it in the wiki now ?

check here within the achive:
(sorry, only german available)

The Documentation is under work at the moment.

Basically all this masterdata will be displayed if filled in throughout the whole shop at certain places, using variables like [{ $shop->oxshops__oxname->value }] for the Shopname.

perfect !

lol i noticed - am just updating and the link in the readme =
which does not exist either at the moment :slight_smile:

again - at this time only german version updated and online: