Variant images

i need a help.
How to upload variant images and to show those on article detail page. When red color for example is chosen from drop down i need red image to be pointed to which is as a image on a detail page.
Can anybody help me, please

Hi @veljko229,

have a look at the screen shot attached. There you can edit variants the same way you edit the parent product item :wink:


Thanks Marco.
Do you have any idea how can i place those variant images on a article details page maybe?

Not off the cuff, mate. Check this one out, maybe this is a helpful source for you:

Here is a module but probably not for flow theme:

Thank you very much. I will try with this module and see to adjust it so can work with flow

Appreciated! Maybe you can use GitHub instead of uploading it to the forum. This way we all could do a great job together :wink: