Vers 4 - Checkout "ERROR HTTP 500"

My customers have started to report an error when they have made their selection and are wishing to advance through the payment process. They supplied additional information if this helps:

The online checkout is not working properly. “ERROR HTTP 500”. It happened twice that’s why we got orders #2781 & # 2782.

After it happens for the 1st payment, I logged back in and the shopping carts still have 3x waiting for payment.

Therefore, did the second time and got the same error.

Reading a little into it, it maybe a problem associated with my PayPal module, but I have no way to know.

Hi Don :slight_smile:

you can activate the PayPal Module Logging in the module settings for more informations. Maybe one reason your webhosting upgrading of a virtual environment.


Hallo Tim,

Yes I have had a look there but perhaps I misunderstood what you suggested I do? After I clicked on the logs, I got the following text on a new page: “Entwicklungshelfer”


Further suggestions?


With “ Entwicklungshelfer” a module seems to be meant. I found that

Remote diagnosis is difficult. I suspect that dependencies between modules and customizations could trigger the PayPal problem.