Visitor registration without a trace in the history


I am trying to understand how the customers history works. Perhaps someone can help.

We found several customers in the database who registered for the shop. But their history is empty.

How can that be? How can someone register for the shop without entering a password? Normally every new customer gets the “Der Benutzer wird nach der Eingabe seines Passwortes registriert” line in his history.

Does anybody know?

Thank you!

Its hard to tell you without a look to the specific entry in the database.
Maybe this people only wants to geht the newsletter?
Or they try to order with a guest account and left in the payment step?


Thank you, Firefax. They did not order the newsletter.

When I tried to order with a guest account, there was always the step registration, which resulted in an entry in the history, even when I left in the payment step.

There must be another possibility to get in the customers database without a history.
Perhaps when the customer uses the Paypal direct checkout?