Visual CMS / Media gallery: Provide a warning/error message when upload file size is too large

Hello everyone,

I am not sure whether this counts as a feature request or a bug report, but I will formulate it as a feature request and if the admin(s) don’t agree we can report it as a bug instead.

In the admin area of the shop (say version 6.0 CE with WYSIWYG Editor + Mediathek module activated) under “Customer Info” there is a media gallery with click and drag upload functionality. Would it be possible to make this function inform the user when the file size (of the image the user is trying to upload) is too large?

As it is now the image is just not uploaded, but there might still be a thumbnail of the image in the gallery which disappears when the page is refreshed.

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@oliver.anderson: This is a feature request.The thumbnail is created by the javascript framework. This means that the image has not yet been uploaded to the server. You see only a temporary on-the-fly created thumbnail. That is why it is not displayed even after a page reload.

It would be a bug if the upload limit of PHP is not exceeded by your image and the upload does not work.