Wappalyzer Detection

Marco recently twittered about an app called “Wappalyzer”. This is a browser extension for firefox or chrome that detects the apps and frameworks used in the website you’re viewing.

There is supposedly a detection for OXID eShops, but to me it looks like it’s broken, none of the Shops, even the demoshops, are recognised as OXID. This might be the reason why OXID doesn’t appear here: http://wappalyzer.com/categories/web-shops.

This is the regex responsible:

/<!--.*OXID eShop/, env: /^ox(TopMenu|ModalPopup|LoginBox|InputValidator)/

Maybe someone with a little more regexec experience than myself could have a look at this.

Hi Frank,

nice you mention it :slight_smile:
Actually, there’s a story behind: Somebody asked me to get in touch with weppalyzer and to suggest OXID. Some days later, it startet counting already:

I reckon it is not enough yet to appear in the list you provided, let’s see what happens the next few days/weeks.

Also, the Chrome Browser plugin seems to be not detecting correctly, it is still in Beta. I have no problems on Firefox.

Of course, I appreciate any REGEX help in the project, maybe also some specific JavaScript will work nicely for detection.


[QUOTE=Marco Steinhaeuser;81703] Somebody asked me to get in touch with weppalyzer and to suggest OXID. [/QUOTE]


“Somebody” - um well… I will keep his in mind

Was it You? Nice App!

@Marco: i see, i looked in the wrong repository, OXID is not yet implemented in the Chrome Version.

It can be difficult to hide the tech from wappalyzer, i know that plugin very well it even has a command line version. Here is some few methods that I use to hide my site(Nmmapper). The methods are not bullet proof, but the work in hiding javascript frameworks.

  1. Minify your site html
  2. Combine your staticfiles(JS) and Minify them
  3. Combine your staticfiles(CSS) and minity them
  4. You can use cloud-flare and choose to minify your html also.

The above have worked in hiding at-least some few.