Website Improvements


we enhenced OXID website with following features:

Added some more Feeds.
Blog: (get feed in the left sidebar in the blog, or site wide )
Forum: (get feed site wide over RSS of your browser next to the URL)

You may get single forum feeds like “OXID Announcement” (follow the rss icon in the sub forum in forum header)

References feed:

Pressreleases en.:
Presse Mitteilung de:

Easy de:
Easy en:

PE/CE de:
PE/CE en:

EE de:
EE en:

OXID Events / Termine (incl. Academy):

We also improved our blog:

  • added “Blogger” in left sidebar, so you ca filter the entries per author
  • added “Twitter” Block in left sidebar in blog, so you can see last 4 twitter messages
    (when filtering for Roland, Andrea, Caroline or marco, you can see their last 4 twitter messages)