Welcome Host1Plus!

Hi everybody,

we proudly introduce our new hosting partner, Host1Plus.

Host1Plus is an international hosting provider based in London, UK with branch offices in Kaunas, LIT and Frankfurt/M., DE.

If you want to know more about their services, rates etc please visit


Thank you very much for the introduction, Marco! We are very happy to join the Oxid eSales community.


would appreciate to see you here with a helping hand esp. when it comes to server configuration and/or installation issues. And if your Russian is not that rusty as became already… there is a special part in this forum as well :wink:


Sure thing Marco, I can speak fluent Russian, but with the writing its a bit harder (due the non-Cyrillic keyboard), but we will do our best to help with all of the stuff that is in our hands.

Also, within 3 weeks we about to launch the new page dedicated to Oxid eSales on our website with the proper F.A.Q. and server related technical articles.

Thanks again and it is a pleasure to be among top notch professionals!