White label e-commerce website


I am working with my team on an eCommerce Website using OXID open source project and We will finish it soon,

The Question, Is there a way or provide a model, extension or plugin to make white Label websites for my original website with satisfying centralization. Since I want just one Database and the other white Label websites using the original database without make a copies from the database.

White label e-commerce website is a website that contains the products and services as the original website and then labeled with a variety of company names.

With OXID Enterprise edition you could do that.
But with OXID CE this will be lot of work and testing.

oxid stores all the shop data including the url and shop name inside the database, i guess this will be your biggest problem.
I guess you could create a module, that extends/overrides the current shop object and reads the values from config.inc.php