Why is active state multilingual in oxcategory?

A question that I recently asked myself:
Why does the active status of a category depend on the language.
When you look at the oxcategory class / table you see that the oxactive field exists once for each language. The result is that a category can be active in German but inactive in English.

I can’t see the use of that. Could someone help me out?



weil das mal ein großer wunsch war im alten forum und endlich umgesetzt wurde

z.b. gibts in meinem bereich artikel, die ich nicht nach usa verkaufen darf, so kann ich diese sofern in einer kat, einfach aussperren

But when you have different selections of articles for differen countries, this should be done via a subshop and not a language (which is differnt to a country). Additional the shop would need such “language oxactive” also for articles, manufacturers, vendors , … etc etc or not?

In my mind this is somehow inconsistent.

But thanks Martina for explaining the origins to me :slight_smile: