Wrong calculation of Total Price when I am trying to pay the order


Hello everyone,

In my shop I have VAT for specific country.
Ex. Germany: 19%, Austria 20%.

Everything is okay in all steps during the checkout, but when I am trying to pay from Germany, with payment method that is different from Cash in Advance (ex. Sofort), price for the product is okay calculated (with 19% or 20% vat), but shipping costs are always calculated with 20% VAT.

Also, important thing is that default vat for the shop is 20%.

Any help?

Thank you.


Your implementation of country specific VAT does not work correctly


I was thinking that maybe some configuration for Sofort Payment method should be made.


In this case there should be a mention about that in sofort payment manual. Have you selected both billing and shipping country? Sometimes you can change in vat should be calculated based on shipping or billing address


Yes, I know that there is a setting in OXID and in my case is always calculated based on shipping address.

I will make a change in my post.