Wrong Currency is come in Shop Owner confirmation mail when order is made

Hi guys,

I have a really strange problem with currencies.
In the shop, when an order is made using Credit Card Ogone payment method,
the correct values for prices, shipping costs…are displayed in order confirmation emails, admin-backend and saved in Database too but always is staying EUR as a currency, no matter which one you use (ex. NZD or USD).

At the beginning of the email template (.tpl files), I have standard line of code:
[{assign var=“currency” value=$oEmailView->getCurrency()}]

and everywhere I am using: $currency->sign;

I tried also with Updating DB Views but without success.

Any suggestion or idea?

Thank you in Advance.

If it only happens with the Ogone payment, it might be related to the module. I would ask the module vendor first in this case.