Basket item persistent parameters


I am trying to add items to the basket. For that purpose, I am using the [B]addToBasket[/B] function. But when I try to get the basket item persistent parameters or select list it returns null.

foreach ($oBasket->getContents() as $oItem)
   $oBasket->addToBasket($pProductId, $dAmount,$oItem->getSelList() ,$oItem->getPersParams());

How can I get them?

Thank you.

$session = oxRegistry::getSession();
$basket = $session->getBasket();
$oBasketItem = $basket->addToBasket([B]$newproductid[/B],$dAmount,$sellist,'');

Actually what I need is to make a selection of the articles that are in basket already and send emails to the manufacturers after the order properly.
That’s why I wanted to make a new basket and add all the products that are from that one manufacturer and send mail.
It is giving me an error that the price is null and it is not.

I am getting this:

Call to a member function getPrice() on null…

why exactly do you need a basket object? After the order is placed, iterate over all bought products, sort them by manufacturer and send emails.

How do you call “getprice”?

I was heading in the wrong direction. Don’t know why I needed that.

But this helped me.
Thank you Vanilla Thunder.