Empty e-mail in reset password


When a customer want to reset his password, he receive an empty like like the image i joint here.
I searched in the forum and the closest thing i found was this: New password request - OXID Forum (oxid-esales.com), but it didn’t work.
The version of the shop is Community Edition 6.1.5.

Thanks to everyone.

Hello @kapparim

this looks like the translation for the forgot password mail is not maintained in the admin.

How did you store the Italian translation in the admin?


There’s nothing in italian, i’m just an italian worker in France, everything is in French, well it’s stored in the server in a file named “translit_lang.php”, i’ve just had my degree i’m a beginner.

maybe this could help

I don’t know what’s happend i just edited the cms page under oxupdatepassemail and know when i click on the forgot password option i get this…

You find more details to start with OXID eShop under Getting Started for User, Seller and Developer

Unfortunately, OXID eSales has partially switched off the Forge content. You can find more information about language management at Language handling • OXIDforge or Understanding the OXID eShop template hierarchy and override system — OXID eShop developer documentation 6.5.0 documentation

If you need professional help, you can find contacts at OXID Forge – The knowledge base of the OXID eShop