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In version 4.6.5 there was a file oxsearch where I could change that when i search products it parent products and in variants (cutting mysql text with parentid)

Where I can find this function i 4.7.0 to change it?

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Hi Pawel,

looks like oxsearch went to /application/models/


Hi Marco
I found it
I change
$sSelect .= " and {$sArticleTable}.oxparentid = ‘’ and {$sArticleTable}.oxissearch = 1 ";
$sSelect .= " and {$sArticleTable}.oxissearch = 1 ";

and now i can search in variants :wink: Maybe someone will use it like me :wink:

Nice :slight_smile:
But: by default it is not switched on because it can lead to performance issues - depending on your configuration of course.


marco in my shop i wanted to search by title of product. I have names like this
Parent product
Model 105

Model 105 brown
Model 105 yellow

How can I serch in variants titles or maybe in wariants names without those changes?


I might need to make the change for my store to search for variants.

Do anyone know if that change impacts the frontend searchs?? or just the backend searchs?? or both??


Hi klapen,

this solution is for front end search.


Hi Marco,

Thanks for the help now I am able to search the variants in the front end. Is there any way to search the variant at the admin panel as well? if possible can you tell me exactly which file i have to make changes to?


8 Years later :wink:


@Emran, is this reply by @rubbercut (many :heart:) answer enough, can you use automatic translation?

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Yeah Sure, Danke @marco.steinhaeuser

Thank you for the help :smiley: @rubbercut

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