Variant product customization

Hello all,

How to extend/rewrite the variants product functionality in my custom module.

Thanks in advance.

step 1) create new module
step 2) extends classes and function you need

Nobody knows your module. So this is the only suitable answer.

@ vanilla_thunder, can you Please explain how to does it?

I have the Module Detailseiten Varianten Darstellung

My problem,

I have an Artikel with the Number 288882, than in Varianten Tab, for each color, I writed 288882-1, 288882-2,…

How it to show,

The question, how to does that 50 only display in Natürlich Button

unfortunately there is no way to quickly explain years of working with oxid and php code.

If those are multidimensional variants, then oxid has a way to check if the combination of selected variations is available or not:

Very thanks for your answer!

That means that I should enable the Java script ?

sure, Java is absolutely necessary for this

but to write

<li class="dropdown-menu-item[{if $oSelection->isDisabled()}] active js-active[{/if}]">

nothing to change…

I think I found what I to search…

Hier someone asked for a similar question, and here the solution for this problem who it is like as my problem…

with this code on my CSS file,

.selectorsBox .dropDown li.disabled {
pointer-events: none;
cursor: not-allowed;
filter: alpha(opacity=.45);
-webkit-box-shadow: none;
box-shadow: none;
opacity: .45;	


to come this window,

it is the best that I to found in the Forum for my problem…

When I to add only display: none; ,

.selectorsBox .dropDown li.disabled {display: none;}

to come this…

to come 100% what I to wanted… :grinning: