[Poll] Can we drop PHP 5.6 support in OXID 6?



Dear all,

as we want to use more and more of the reasonable PHP 7 features, we would like to abandon PHP 5.6 support in OXID eShop with one of the next releases (instead of waiting for the next major). This could be a big step ahead instead of keeping up the backwards compatibility to former PHP versions, and the development would be improved.

Instead of still supporting old PHP versions, we would rather like to add official support and automated testing for PHP 7.1 and PHP 7.2.

We don’t want to decide it without your consent. That’s why we kindly ask you to answer below. With your positive reply, this job will be done at last within this year.

  • I run OXID 6 and I’m on PHP 7 already.
  • I run OXID 6. Presently I use PHP 5.6 but can easily switch to PHP 7.
  • I run OXID 6. A switch to PHP 7 would hurt, please keep up supporting PHP 5.6.
  • I run an older OXID eShop version, I don’t care.

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Please also use this thread to let us know about your concerns or agreements in your comments.

Thanks a lot!
Marco, on behalf of the OXID core developers

PHP5.6-Support in OXID6 einstellen?
Wann wird OXID offiziell MariaDB supporten?


Yeah drop that old PHP!


You should also consider dropping PHP 7.0, as it is not actively supported anymore and security support will end in December


Why should someone switch to OXID 6 an NOT use PHP 7.x? That is the main benefit at the moment. So drop it. Sure!


sure, drop it!


+1 (plus eins)